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introductory post (!)

-Hey, I'm Alexandra - preferably Al or Alex.
-This journal has morphed magically into my writing journal.
-I've had virtually no drive to write recently- check the timestamps, this has been some serious writer's block.
-I have an original fic filter: comment to be added.

EDIT: generally updated (9-3-07)


Warnings: wangst, attempt at descriptive imagery that resulted in convoluted word usage.

(Asphyxiation) -- fake cut links to deathnote_fics

I'm not a big fan of the fic but it is what it is. :D

LINKED: (30-11-07)


Warnings: another dumb spoiler, this time for the 37+. you know what it is.


Klepto Maniac

Warnings: the most meaningless spoiler ever for anime episode 104.